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Ever wanted to learn calligraphy? 

Contact us to book a private or group workshop. All supplies will be provided, from pens and ink, to paper and workbooks. 

Calligraphy or brush pen workshops are a great activity for Hen's Days or Birthdays! 

All workshops booked come with a full calligraphy or brush lettering  kit.  The kit also includes my full Copperplate Calligraphy Basics  workbook. 

Have an event space? We are always looking for new spaces to hold calligraphy and brush lettering workshops!

Interested in learning calligraphy but want to do it at your own pace? 
We have designed a Copperplate Calligraphy Basics workbook.

The workbook contains:

- Full explanation on how to use calligraphy tools and good habits to get into

- List of Beck's favourite calligraphy supplies

- Tips and tricks to learning calligraphy

- Traceable Warm-up Drills

- Traceable Basic Strakes (to help build muscle memory)

- Full Lowercase and Uppercase Traceable pages. Each letter of the alphabet has a full dedicated page with alternating traceable letters and blank templates to help you practice. 

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